Worship for December 20, 2020 Advent 4

Worship for December 20, 2020 Advent 4

Morning Worship December-20-2020

those who dream… are not alone (love) Not Alone | Luke 1:26-45

He never said to me, “I feel so alone,”
But I could tell every time we talked on the phone. For you can hear loneliness move through the line. It sounds like quiet and feels like tired.

But I never brought it up.
I pretended we were fine, Passing stories like chess pieces Until he’d resign.

And as I look back, if I could do it again,
I’d get on a plane and say to him—
You are made from nothing but love,
Inside and out, you are more than enough.
And if I could build you a home out of beautiful things, I’d write all day and sing and pray.

But I cannot build your home, Or make you love your own.

All I can do,
Is open my door and turn on the light, So if you walk by you might stop inside. And if you did, there you would find The light is on.
The table is set.
The music is loud.
The bed is soft.
The food is warm.
What’s mine is yours.

For no amount of space or time, Or grief or doubt,
Or pain can subside
The fact that I am by your side. Love and I will always abide.

I learned that from God. I learned that from you. Love doesn’t go away. I’m here to stay.

So like Mary and Elizabeth, This door is open.

You didn’t have to say you were lonely. I could hear it in your voice.

page7image57070256 written by: sarah are | sanctifiedart.org

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