Worship for September 27, 2020

Worship for September 27, 2020

10am: Worship on Zoom 

Thanks for your patience everyone while we continue to work some details out and get a better rhythm for getting the service on the website. We know there were some hiccups with sound and visual on Sunday and know exactly what happened. There were many moving parts while Pastor Kendra was on Zoom for baptism, and then back in the Sanctuary, and know where the hiccups were and how to fix them moving forward.

With that said, because of the glitches the service is condensed into two sections: the welcome and announcements and baptism in video form coming soon and Scripture and sermon in audio form. Thanks for your patience and hanging in there with us while we are only three weeks in of balancing a hybrid of in person and Zoom worship.

Rest assured, the congregation was participating via Zoom and in the Sanctuary and an Elder was present!


Philippians 2:1-13 ~ Unity, Humility and God at Work


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