Church Bells Ringing – April 15, 2020

Church Bells Ringing – April 15, 2020

Tonight, I stopped over at church to livestream the ringing of the church bells in uptown Kingston as we make Kingston ring in support, encouragement and gratitude for the many frontline workers in our community. It is these individuals who have showed up each day to work faithfully so that we can stay home and be safe.

I thought I would share it here for todays reflection…

As you listen, you are invited to pray for the many workers as they work. Here is my prayer simple tonight that I share with you to help get you started …

Almighty God, it is on this day that we give you thanks for the many individuals in this community who are showing up to work day in and day out. We pray that you will surround them with your strength, endurance, wisdom, grace, peace and love. From the first responders, medical teams, cashiers, food service and providers, personal shoppers so we can stay home, mail carriers, delivery folks, cleaning crews, shelf (re)stockers, and beyond this list of individuals – we pray your protection to surround, strengthen and sustain each person as they to to work each day. Thank you for the grace and compassion they extend to us when we are tired, scared, sick, overwhelmed and less than gracious. We pray you give them glimpses of you with some life-giving moments each day, to give them the hope and encouragement they need to know the difference they are making. For their families, as they worry while their loved ones are at work, for their families when they come home from work…sometimes needing to remain distant and other times so exhausted – grant your rest and healing. We thank you God for the many frontline workers in this community and pray your blessings on them each and everyday. Amen.

I will be back at church the rest of the week at 7pm to livestream on Facebook each night.

My apologies for two things… that my intended reflection on transformation will be later this week and that Zeke was pulling on his leash trying to convince me to get up and walk which causes the video to be a tad wobbly.

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