Peace! Be still… March 24, 2020

Peace! Be still… March 24, 2020

I just hung up from a Zoom video chat with the children of Fair Street. These 20-40 minute daily check-ins have become such a fun part of my day! Here’s what our time looks like:

  • we check-in, say hello share how our day has gone. (sometimes it includes sharing how late we stayed up, how long we slept in, what we enjoyed for lunch or how much candy we’ve eaten so far for the day)
  • Then it’s some sort of activity ~ yesterday included some math problems (teachers you would be impressed they loved doing math!) while today was spelling!
  • After this, someone reads a story, either one of their favorite books, a story they wrote themselves or I read a story from the Bible.
  • Then we share some joys and concerns, and end our time in prayer (and we all take turns praying)
  • Wednesday’s is our Children and Worship story time, and Thursday’s is game day…this week? BINGO!

Whether we are talking with each other, dancing or making faces at the camera, it’s still a fun and life-giving moment in the midst of what sometimes feels like a slow moving whirlwind day.

I share this with you because today, it was my turn to share the story today. I chose to read from the Children Bible Story Book about when Jesus and the disciples were on the boat, when Jesus was resting and a storm suddenly swirled all around the boat, waves came crashing in, and the disciples were quite afraid. They called out to Jesus and as he spoke peace and calm into the air, everything calmed and quieted down. (You can read about it in Matthew 8:23-27.)

After we finished reading the story, I asked if there were any joys or concerns. No concerns today out of the ordinary, but one joy …

‘I have a joy! Joy that Jesus is always with us even when we are afraid!’

It’s such a good reminder that we can hear and learn from children, right? A solid reminder that when we are tired, weary, overwhelmed and curious about what the future holds … when we find anxiety creeping into our lives we can pause and take a breathe and remember to allow peace and calm to be spoken into our lives.

There seems to be reason as to why we might be afraid and identify with the disciples, but we can continue to identify with them as they called out to Jesus in the midst of the storm.

Remembering that Jesus is with us when we’re afraid and we can call out to Jesus. The storm around us might not immediately calm down, the coronavirus might not stop spreading right away, but it might calm us and help settle our nerves, our being, our mind and heart.

If you are able, go outside and get some fresh air. See the life that is still happening in all of creation around you. Breathe.

Read this story in the Gospels and hear Jesus whisper into your heart and mind … peace! be still!

Tomorrow I’ll try to share some practical ways in which we can stay grounded, along with some helpful ideas to stay calm, healthy and practice some self-care while we are maybe experiencing cabin fever.

In the meantime, may the peace of Christ be with you today and always.

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